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Local Government Innovation Research

The division has recently launched a research program in innovation in local governments. This program examines the critical success factors for innovations with a focus on management.

Recent Publications

Public Budgeting and Financial Management

Faculty are involved in a wide range of research projects on various aspects of public budgeting and financial management, including fiscal aspects of collaboration, fiscal decentralization in Thailand, and curricula for public budgeting and financial management specializations.

Recent Publications

  • David Mitchell and Kurt Thurmaier, “Currents and Undercurrents in Budgeting Theory: Exploring the swirls, heading upstream,” invited article for Foundations of Public Administration Series, Public Administration Review, forthcoming 2011.
  • Michael Peddle and Kurt Thurmaier, “Reformulating and Refocusing a Fiscal Administration Curriculum,” forthcoming in the Journal of Public Administration Education (JPAE).

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Local Government Research

Recent Publications

Public Management Collaboration and Network Research

This research program studies the ways in which organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors can work together to provide better public services. Public service production and delivery collaborative arrangements and networks are the focus.

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Recent Publications

  • Mayhew, F. "Integrating the Funder-Fundee Relationship into a Model of Evaluation Utilization", Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation, 2011, 7(16), pp. 1-19.
  • Mayhew, F. "Human Service Delivery in a Multi-Tier System: The Subtleties of Collaboration Among Partners", Forthcoming in Journal of Health and Human Services Administration.

Non-Profit Management Research

Recent Publications

  • Schatteman, A. (forthcoming 2012) “Online Citizen Participation:  A Case Study of Illinois Nonprofit Organizations” in The State of Citizen Participation in America, edited by Hindy Schachter and Kaifeng Yang, published by Information Age Publishing Inc. (link)
  • Mayhew, F. "Aligning for Impact: The Influence of the Funder-Fundee Relationship on the Evaluation Use", Forthcoming in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.
  • Mayhew, F. “Nonprofit organizations in local social service delivery: The influence of a changing philosophy of governance.”  conference paper presented at Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action conference, November 17-19, 2011. Toronto, Canada.

Illinois Policy Studies

Illinois Policy Survey provides information on public attitudes, values and expectations with respect to the performance of elected officials and policy issues facing Illinois.

Recent Publications

  • Michael T. Peddle and Barbara Burrell, 2010, "Illinois Policy Survey, 2010", Center for Governmental Studies, Northern Illinois University.