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Current Research

Recently published books:

Alternative Service Collaborative strategies

Local Government Innovation Research

The department has recently launched a research program in innovation in local governments. This program examines the critical success factors for innovations with a focus on management.

Recent Publications

  • G. Porumbescu. (forthcoming). Linking Transparency, Trust in government, and Voice. American Review of Public Administration
  • G. Porumbescu (forthcoming). Using Transparency to Enhance Responsiveness and Trust in Local Government: Can it Work? State and Local Government Review, doi:10.1177/0160323X15599427
  • G. Porumbescu (forthcoming). Does Transparency Improve Citizens’ Perceptions of Government Performance? Evidence from Seoul, South Korea. Administration & Society, doi: 10.1177/0095399715593314.
  • G. Porumbescu, and T. Im (2015). Using Transparency to Reinforce Responsibility and Responsiveness. Invited contribution to The Handbook of Public Administration 3rd edition, James Perry and Robert Christensen (eds.)
  • T. Im, W. Cho, G. Porumbescu, J. Park. (2014). Internet, Trust in Government, and Citizen Compliance. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 24(3): 741-763.S.
  • Gabris, G. T., Davis, T. J. (2013). In Steven Hays, Richard Kearney, and Jerrell Coggburn (Ed.), Motivating Public Service Employees in the Era of the New Normal (pp. 40).
  • Grimmelikhuijsen, S., G. Porumbescu, B. Hong, T. Im. (2013) Does culture of openness matter? A cross-national comparative experiment on the effect of transparency on trust in government. Public Administration Review, 73(4): 575-586.
  • Im, T., G. Porumbescu, and H. Lee (2013). ICT as a buffer to change: A case study of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Dasan Call Center. Public Performance and Management Review, 36(3), 436-455.

Public Budgeting and Financial Management

Faculty are involved in a wide range of research projects on various aspects of public budgeting and financial management, including fiscal aspects of collaboration, fiscal decentralization in Thailand, and curricula for public budgeting and financial management specializations.

Recent Publications

  • Thurmaier, Kurt and David Mitchell, “(Re)Defining the Disarticulated Municipality: Budget Accountability for Networked Governance,” presented at the 2013 ABFM conference, October 3-5, 2013, Washington, DC. Under review.

Research publications archives

Local Government Research

Recent Publications

  • Desllate, Aaron, Chris Weible, Tonya Heikkila, Richard Feiock, David Carter & Cali Curley (2014) "Capturing Structural and Functional Diversity Through Institutional Analysis: The Mayor Position in City Charters," Urban Affairs Review.
  • Leland, Suzanne and Kurt Thurmaier, (2014) “Political and Functional Local Government Consolidation: The Challenges for Core Public Administration Values and Regional Reform,” American Review of Public Administration, 44 (4): 29s-46s.
  • Schatteman, A. (2014) “Academics Meets Action: Community Engagement Motivations, Benefits and Constraints”  Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education.
  • Thurmaier, Kurt, ed. Alternative Service Delivery: Readiness Check , ICMA Press (EBook), 2014

Public Management Collaboration and Network Research

This research program studies the ways in which organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors can work together to provide better public services. Public service production and delivery collaborative arrangements and networks are the focus.

Recent Publications

  • G. Porumbescu. (forthcoming) Placing the effect: Gleaning insights in to the relationship between citizens’ use of e-government and trust in government. Public Management Review.
  • G. Porumbescu (forthcoming). Comparing the effects of e-government and social media use on trust in government: Evidence from Seoul, South Korea. Public Management Review.
  • Delabbio, Daryl J. and Eric S. Zeemering. 2013. Public entrepreneurship and interlocal cooperation in county government. State and Local Government Review 45 (4): 255-267.
  • Zeemering, Eric S. 2014. Collaborative strategies for sustainable cities: Economy, environment and community in Baltimore. New York: Routledge.
  • Zeemering, Eric S. 2014. International connections for local government sustainability initiatives:  Networks linking Detroit and Windsor. Journal of Urban Affairs 36 (1): 119-140. 

Non-Profit Management Research

Recent Publications

  • Schatteman, A. and Bingle, Ben (forthcoming 2015) “Philanthropy Supporting Public Agencies: An Analysis of Local Library Funding”, Journal of Nonprofit and Public Affairs
  • Schatteman, A. (2013) “Accountability of Nonprofit Organizations: To Whom and For What?” International Review of Public Administration, 18(3): 1-6.
  • Schatteman, A.M. (2012) “Online Citizen Participation: A Case Study of Illinois Nonprofit Organizations” in The State of Citizen Participation in America, edited by Hindy Schachter and Kaifeng Yang. pp. 225-238, Information Age Publishing
  • Schatteman, A.M. (2012) “Citizen Participation Through Municipal Websites: A Global Scorecard” in Active Citizen Participation in E-Government: A Global Perspective, edited by Marc Holzer and Aroon Manoharan. IGI Global. pp. 404-416.