About the Department

Graduate programs in public administration (MPA) are coordinated by the Department of Public Administration. The department offers courses in the field of public administration, which can be used as part of both the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.

The public administration curriculum emphasizes a management approach, which it combines with public policy concerns to produce a focus on executive policy management. The program is particularly strong when combined with academic studies in comparative and development administration, policy analysis, urban studies, economic development, and public finance. M.A. and Ph.D. graduates have pursued careers with colleges and universities, national research centers, and professional organizations.

The faculty is supplemented by cooperating faculty from the Department of Political Science, the departments of Accountancy, Geography, Management, and Sociology, from the Center for Governmental Studies, and by senior public administrators.  Practiioners serve in an official capacity on the Board of Advisors while former Advisors provide ongoing support of the program.